Lake Charles
Saint Lucie West, FL

Lake Charles Association, Inc.

550 SW Lake Charles Circle

Port St Lucie, Florida 34986

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM (Holidays may affect these hours)

Phone: (772) 336-5966

Fax: (772) 343-0592


First Service Residential 24-Hour Customer

Service: 1-866-378-1099 

Resident Portal:

Beach Club Committee - 

Anthony Valentine,  Liason for the Board

To help facilitate communication of the needs of the pool area back to the board.

Community Emergency Response Team    CERT - Joel Ekey - Chair

Michael Estes, Liason for the Board

In an effort to be prepared in the event of weather or other emergency, the Lake Charles Association Board of Directors is preparing to institute a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This is not an effort meant to take the place of our local emergency response units. However, in a major emergency it may be some time before the local emergency services respond to or help the residents of Lake Charles. For this reason, we must be prepared to implement a well thought out plan to assist the residents in our community. In order to implement such a plan we will need volunteers who will be trained and certified in the various aspects of emergency response and preparedness. Among the volunteer opportunities, there is a need for zone captains, block captains and support personnel to assist in all phases of an emergency. The first line of defense will always be the emergency services provided by our government agencies that are normally reached through the 911 system.

Covenant Committee - Paul Bettencourt - Committee Chairperson

Joseph Alice - Liaison from the Board of Directors
COVENANTS COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT The Lake Charles Covenants Committee will conduct Hearings to review alleged violations of the Lake Charles Homeowners Association Covenants & Rules and Regulations. By majority vote, the Covenants Committee may approve a fine imposed by the board, postpone or reschedule a hearing or not approve the alleged violation.

Our management company, FirstService Residential, and their representatives will be looking at Lake Charles with different eyes. Get your roofs cleaned, landscaping in order, fascia boards painted, shutters down, and inspect your mailboxes and posts to see if they need painting to make sure you are not cited for a violation. Please reacquaint yourselves with our Blue Book, Rules and Regulations to make sure you are in compliance. It is your responsibility to make sure you, your tenants, and/or guests, are familiar with our rules and rectify any violations. If you wait to be told you are already in violation. Most residents of Lake Charles adhere to the rules but in order to keep our community looking beautiful those who choose to ignore the rules will receive notification of said violation and may be fined. It only takes a few minutes to review the rules and take measures before you are sent a notification letter.

Harbour Isles - To be determined, Harbour Isles Committee Chairperson 
Ronnie Lebar - Harbour Isles Committee Co-Chairperson

Joe Alice - Harbour Isles Liaison from the Board of Directors

Monthly Meetings are held at a location designated by the Committee on the first Wednesday of every month starting promptly at 7:00 PM.

Landscaping -

Joe Alice, Liaison from the Board of Directors

1. Assist the Board liaison in reviewing the Common Area landscaping. In charge of reviewing and evaluating all landscaping areas managed and maintained by the association and provide recommendations and alternatives to the board concerning the management, maintenance and long range planning of the current landscaping.

2. Working on special landscaping projects.

3. Assist homeowners in presenting landscape problems, suggestions to the Board Liaison.

4. Meet quarterly with our landscape contractor with suggestions, complaints, etc.

Modifications Committee - Jerry Quartucio, Chairperson

Terry Garrity, Liaison from the Board of Directors

The Modifications Committee meets at the Clubhouse every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM.(every other Wednesday during the summer months)

The Modifications Committee asks the residents submitting Architectural Review Forms to leave sufficient time for the Committee to review their request before starting any work. Work that is started without proper approval may lead to significant fines.

Homeowners must not make any changes to the outside of their house or property without first going through the Modifications Committee. Unauthorized changes will have to be removed at the homeowner’s expense. If you are thinking of repainting your home submit a Architectural Review Application to the Modifications Committee. The committee has a listing of approved colors for Lake Charles. This just might save you from being in violation of the covenants and having to repaint.


Orientation Committee - Leslie Bettencourt, Judy Glass & Sonja Grant 

Anthony Iaquinto - Liaison from the Board of Directors

1. Obtain updated copies of the Rules and Regulations for distribution to new homeowners.

2. Present the Rules and Regulations to a planned and scheduled session, at which new homeowners are invited to attend. Answer questions to your best ability.
3. Be available to present special Real Estate sessions of the Realtors office.
4. Provide a full orientation of the community information and answer questions of the new owners/renters

Security Committee

Michael Estes, Liaison from the Board of Directors

1. To assist the board liaison with duties that will provide the board to keep track of contractual performance of our paid security guards.

        A. Challenge the front gate guards about questionable decisions, methods of operation.
        B. Assure that our gates are working properly.
2. Visit the pool area, recreation island sport centers and the club house when possible to report wrongful activity.
3. Participate in the Hawk Traffic Unit.
4. Be available for CERT meetings from April to November and assume a management position

Newsletter Committee

Anthony Valentine, Liaison from the Board of Directors

1. Coordinate all ads support for the newsletter, prepare ads for each edition.

2. Obtain articles, proofread and submit.
3. Print edition each quarter.
4. Submit all copies to the USPS for bulk mailing

Special Projects - 

JoAnne Vandenberg, Chairperson
Betsy Love, Treasurer
Rose Mary Dorko, Secretary

See Special Projects Page

Terry Garrity - Liaison from the Board of Directors

1. Coordinate all special projects meeting reports, suggestions, etc.
2. Control the budget for each project, sell tickets, advertise and promote each event.
3. Report to the Board any financial gains as a financial report of total dollars on hand each month at a Board Meeting (chairperson or representative).

Lake Charles Committees