Lake Charles HOA
Port St Lucie West, FL

Lake Charles Association, Inc.
550 SW Lake Charles Circle
Port St Lucie, Florida 34986
Phone: (772) 336-5966 Fax: (772) 343-0592

Roof Leak Agreement

Roof Access Agreement

Events and Meetings 

Minutes of Last Committee Meeting

 June, 2017.

Resident Visitors

Harbour Isles Committee Meetings:

7:00 PM, Clubhouse


Aug. 2

Sept. 27

Oct. 4

Nov. 1

Dec. 6

Committee Members

Chuck Goodwin, Secretary

Denise Lenz

Paul Preziuso, Co-chair

Lissette Regan

Rachel Rockwell

Mike Russo

Micky Rivera

Jack Ryan

Julie Shorrock, Chairperson

Roof Access Agreement